Expensive Makeup Doesn’t mean Great Makeup

I have to say when it comes to shopping I’m a bit driven by labels. Maybe not the way everyone shops but I do like some brand names. When it comes to makeup Sephora and other stores look for fools like me to fall for the brand new line of “Designer Makeup”. Michael Kors, Dior and I even saw Christian Louboutin not too long ago. The thing is that this is not necessarily the best makeup just because it has a brand name. Below is what I think is worth it and what is not.


Drugstore Moisturizers, Primers and masks can be great. Elf’s primer works the exact same way as Sephora’s Makeup Forever Primer and it cost less that half. Also Aveeno Positively Radiant Cleanser leaves your skin fresh without making it dry. (There are also different kinds for oily and combination skin) It cost about $10 in comparison to Philosophy’s $15 tiny moisturizer.


I recently purchased two Marc Jacobs Lip Glosses. The product was great as far as texture and color BUT it lasted about one week since it spilled all over my purse. I took it back to Sephora and the employee told me a lot people had the same complaint. What a disappointment 🙁


When it comes to Mascara I was recommended Dior Black by a friend. It’s definitely a great Mascara and worth investing in if you have thin lashes and need lots of work to make them look full, but it’s also almost 3 times the cost of a drugstore brand. Thankfully I was blessed with good lashes so Covergirl Mascara works fine for me.


My point is don’t let yourself be influenced by high-end brands or expensive makeup. While some can be good and worth investing in, do your research and you might just find a product for half the price. What are some makeup products that work for you?


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