Fashion and crime in one? I SAY SO!

Most of my friends and family know that I am obsessed with crime. It sounds a bit weird but I can probably tell you every episode of 48 hours or Dateline in the past 12 months. Instead of listening to music I listen to crime shows. In fact I am listening to one right now, as I write this post. (It’s about Oscar Pistorius,you should check it out) Anyways I would like to think if I wasn’t producing television commercials I would have chosen a career as a crime scene investigator.


Most people think fashion and a career in forensics don’t go together but who better to prove you wrong than Erika Di Palma, a real-life Crime Scene Investigator in Los Angeles and founder of “My Own Fingerprint”. The premise of this company is to-customize T-shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts and even watches and jewelry with yours or your loved ones fingerprints. It’s such a cute idea for that special gift you are looking for.


They have stuff for men, woman and even kids. I recently purchased this tank from them. This cute perfect summer tank top is called the “Love Tank” and was created by merging HIS+HER fingerprints into one. When I purchased this tank, a portion of the proceeds went to support “preventing domestic violence and raising awareness for LGBT equality”. What a better way to help right?


The size I got was a little bigger than I thought so make sure you look at the measurements unlike me. However I will be wearing this baby all summer. Fashion is about being unique and what a better way to do so than with your own fingerprints. I cannot wait for my next purchase. I am thinking maybe one of the watches. What do you guys think? You can visit “My Own Fingerprint” on the link below and place your orders today! to get your fingerprints on your choice of display.

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