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13 Things I’ve Learned in my 20′s

I recently turned 29 while traveling through Ireland. I know it’s not quite 30, but I couldn’t help to think 30 is right around the corner.  Age is definitely not something that scares me, but I couldn’t help to think back and see how much I have learned in the past years. With my birthday being on October 13th, Here are 13 things that I’ve learned in my early 20’s.


Photograph-From Mexico to Rome restaurant-Dublin

        1.Save money! There will be times when you will able to afford that designer purse you want or buy those shoes. Treat them as that, “treats,” not something you are putting on your credit card (trust me I learned the hard way)

     2. Your college degree is a formality, but what else can you offer to a company? Do internships, go to networking events, meet people in your field and you will have a bigger chance than half of your class on landing that job.

                                       Photograph-Stage Manager at BHMS Fall Upfronts

3. Know when to dress your age. After college it is, not ok to push yourself to fit into that XS skirt from Charlotte Russe. Also find a balance between being trendy yet professional. (Of course depending on your job)

      4. Make time for friends. Sometimes it is so easy to have a date with Netflix and Ben & Jerry’s, that it makes it easy to cancel plans. Make sure you make time for those important to you. They can even join you and Ben for your date.

     5. Don’t settle. Yes I am talking about relationships. You are beautiful and special. Don’t settle for the guy who invites you out to the bar with a hundred of his closest friends. Let your guy or lady court you, make you feel special and take you on an actual date.

3Photograph-My Boyfriend Mauricio and I in Ireland

 6. Pick your battles. Sometimes this is hard to do, but at times the argument is not worth it. Just say sorry and you will be surprised how much easier your life will be

    7. Travel! This is the time to do it, before marriage, career and family require more of you. This doesn’t have to require an expensive across the world trip. Find nearby places, day or weekend trips.


Picture-Cliffs of Moher in Ireland

 8. “Girl you can’t eat the same way you did when you were 18″. I realized that quickly when all of a sudden the pounds did not come off as quickly as when I was in college. I still struggle with this, but I’m learning to love my body and take care of it.

 9. Get gas on your way home and take care of that oil change your dad is always yelling at you about. If your check engine light comes on, go get it checked. You know one of these applies to you!

10. Do your night-time routine. Remove your makeup and wash your face. No more raccoon eyes from the night before, ladies.


Picture-Blarney Castle- Ireland

11. Find hobbies outside of work. It’s so easy to get stuck in the 9 to 5 or whatever you do for a living. Find something outside of work that completely fills your soul.

12.Don’t compare yourself to others. In my mind, there are opportunities for everyone to succeed. Focus on yourself and life will take you far.

13.Love yourself. You are awesome and every day is an opportunity to do something to better yourself!

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