Archer cast in NYC!

For you ARCHER fans anticipating the new season and wondering if it’s any good, well wonder no more. lailaslittlefinds got a preview of the first episode at the Paley TV Festival in New York City and it’s AMAZING (Archer voice)




Let me just tell we’ll see a more “paternal” side of Archer, lots of different names for Lana’s Baby and, of course, more naked shots of Pam than we asked for. More Amazing than naked Pam was to interview the cast and creators on the red carpet and ask them some of the things I know you’ve been wondering!



The creators confirmed 2 more seasons and expressed interest in an  animated movie. I also made them laughed telling them about my favorite episode.



A fan suggested a live action movie but Jon Benjamin (Archer) quickly turned that down but agreed to dub it. What a fun group of people was the whole cast and creators. Stay tuned for the premiere of Archer on FX coming February 2015 but for now check out all my interviews [here ]()



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