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PaleyFest with Pretty Little Liars

As the cast and producers of the hit TV show Pretty Little Liars made their way around the country doing promos and press for season 6, their last and final stop was PaleyFest in New York City. Luckily for me I happened to be there for Comicon. From E! Network, People Magazine and, of course, we were all there to get a look at these Pretty Little Liars.


My first interview was with creator Marlene King, who told us how big the bond between the characters is One of the most special things about the show is the relationship the girls have with each other, the fact that they’re bonded unconditionally and they’re still there for each other. It gets harder and harder to maintain that in life as we grow up, and go to college. But I think what’s great about this show is that we found a way to get all this girls back together and the love that they have for each other continues” 


 She also shared with us the tone the show will take during this season “Finally this season we will be able to take a breath and sort of start all over. This season will be a lot more romantic than it’s ever been. Yes it will still be dark, but we are going back to the tone of seasons one and two where the girls have a little bit more of a personal life and not just chasing A” 


 As the girls grow up they have had to let go of their younger years. For Troian Bellisario having fake homework was one of the hardest things to let go from Spencer’s teenage years. “For me the hardest things to let go were one, Spencer’s room, because I didn’t get to have a proper goodbye and two, I loved having busy work in scenes, so to not have homework in front of me is one of the hardest things I had to deal with. Whenever we would do classroom scenes I would write my name, the date, what we were talking about, like real homework. All of Spencer’s stuff was mine too. That’s probably what I will miss the most” 

Watch the whole interview here 



Finally, I got a quick second with Lucy Hale who was pretty surprised by the writer’s career choice for Aria. I always trusted the writers. At least for me its always exciting to be shocked when I open the script and I have no idea what’s going to happen. Her career choice was a surprise, though, I always thought she would be a photographer but she is actually going to become a publisher”


She also gave us some details on a possible new album “I am definitely in the brainstorming stage for a new album. It will still be country, but I want it to be a little different and out of the box”


Sixth season mid-season premiere will be broadcast on January 12, 2016, on ABC Family. Until next time Littlefinders!

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