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Viva La Vida!

In my recent travels to Mexico City, I got to visit one of the country’s most valuable treasures “ La Casa Azul” (The Blue House). Yes, the one and only home where Diego Rivera and one of my favorite painters Frida Kahlo lived and loved.




There’s an unexplainable energy. You start by seeing some of Frida’s early work. There are portraits of her family, some unfinished art and even photos with the controversial Leon Trotsky.

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 The walk through her home gets more exciting as you reach Frida’s Kitchen. It is decorated in typical Mexican decor. Old clay pots sit in the gas stove and a slight presence of Frida filled my mind.


 As you turn there’s Frida’s painting, old brushes and paints sitting there waiting for a new canvas to be filled with feelings and statements, as was her nature.


Things get a little more personal as you reach the big dining room where Frida and Diego had dinner parties with Mexico’s elite like Maria Felix.


 A few feet forward you approach Diego’s room where Trotsky also stayed when he got political asylum in Mexico.



It’s never quite clear why Frida and Diego had separate rooms but what we do know is that while they had a troubled relationship they loved each other unconditionally. As you leave her home you’re surrounded with a beautiful garden that fills you with joy.


Similar to the joy Frida always felt. Through her accident, her complicated relationship with Diego and her miscarriages, Frida kept her head up. This is apparent on her last painting in which she wrote “Viva La Vida” (Celebrate Life). A piece of advice we could all use, don’t you think?

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