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My Target Poncho

We are a little bit over a week away from Christmas and we had one, I repeat, ONE really cold day. Yes, Florida I am Talking to you! Regardless of your stubbornness to bring me some cooler weather for this holiday season, I refuse to dress like it’s summer! (Even though is 80 degrees outside) but enough of my rant and off to my cute Pancho!

pic 6

I recently picked up this beautiful tribal print Poncho from Target. This was purchased during one of my many trips there to buy some “milk” on my way home. Yes, somehow I alway manage to walk out with a few fashion items when running a quick errand.With Target’s super affordable prices and always on trend clothing is sort of hard not to. (That’s what I tell my boyfriend and my bank account)

pic 2

This Poncho is so perfect for our Florida weather. Is light enough to not feel like you are melting, but you can always layer up with a long sleeve shirt for a warmer look.Tribal print is super trendy right now and, this one is so pretty without being overwhelming. I have been able to wear it out on the weekend with jeans and even to the office with a skirt and some tights for a more professional look.

pic 3

I have been wanting to buy a poncho like this for a while but could not justify spending a hundred dollars for it at some of the department stores so this baby is on sale right now for only $22!  perfect for my budget.I can see me carrying this poncho all the way until the spring season and pairing it up with shorts, sundresses and skirts for a boho look!

pic 4

If you are looking for affordable Ponchos or Sweater I highly recommend you to stop by target or Trust me you won’t be disappointed and neither will your wallet!


Until next time Little Finders!

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