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I feel pretty, Oh, so pretty, At Marylin Monroe Spas!

I received complimentary services for this post, however, all opinions are 100% mine :)!

Hello from Colombia Littlefinders! We had a long layover in Panama, so it was pretty much a whole day of traveling. Regardless I am so excited to be here. As you might agree with me, it is always nice to pamper yourself before a trip. I love getting my hair done, enjoying a nice manicure and picking out some new makeup!


                                         Products available at Marilyn Monroe Spas

Luckily for me, I was able to visit the Marilyn Monroe Spa, in Winter Park, before leaving to Colombia. You might have seen this location in the Trader Joes plaza. I was ecstatic about coming here, as I have heard marvelous things about it. I arrived with an appointment for hair and their exclusive sense-sational manicure. Could I have asked for more after a super busy week at work?!

As I walked in, I was greeted by their super friendly staff. At least 3 different people offered me something to drink. The counter area is decorated with a beautiful chandelier and a gorgeous photo of the one and only Marilyn Monroe. You can read more about the history of the spa here.


Within 3 minutes I was guided to Liam’s area. He was so fabulous and made me feel comfortable really fast. (I have to admit I’m sometimes a bit shy and not much of a talker when I go to Spa’s) but not at Marilyns. Liam asked me to tell him a bit about my hair, so he would know what type of products to use. Since I was leaving to Colombia the next day, I wanted to blow dry my hair straight so it would last me for the week.

liam 2

We were off to the washing stations. Littlefinders, I’m not lying when I tell you this was the BEST hair wash I EVER HAD. The sinks were actually comfortable and besides getting my hair washed I got a scalp massage. I felt SO RELAXED.

hair washed

Then it was off to blow dry/flat iron my hair. What I loved about Liam (and all of the hairdressers) wasn’t only how friendly they were, but also how they really took their time with the blow dry. There’s nothing worst than going to a place where you feel they are rushing through your services. Look at the final product! Doesn’t my hair look great! I loved that it’s straight but still has body.

 hair done 2

I had a ball chatting with Liam and I’m so happy with how my hair turned out. But the pampering wasn’t over, as it was time for my sense-sational  manicure. First, I picked out my color. You can choose from OPI or Deborah Lippmann. I had heard great things about Deborah’s nail polishes so I decided this was the time to try them.


I had gel on my nails, but I wanted to give them a little breathing time. While gel is great and it can last a few weeks, sometimes it can weaken your nails. My manicurist was Kelly the coolest girl, with the coolest accent, shes’s from Tennessee and boy did we have fun.


You know when you go to a regular salon to remove  your gel and they put that horrible cheap foil on your fingers. Not at Marilyn Monroe Spas. This foil was actually made to remove the gel, it was thick and it wasn’t coming off every two seconds. She was super gentle with my nails and made sure removing the gel would not damage them.


Once the gel was removed my hands and arms were in for a treat. First, I soaked my hands in water and herbs oil, making my hands feel soooo soft. Then she applied this fabulous honey avocado mask all over my arms. OMG!! Not only did it smell delicious but it felt so refreshing. I truly have never experienced a manicure like this one. After the mask was on for a few minutes, she removed it and wrapped my arms with warm towels for about 10 minutes. It felt like heaven!


Then it was time to paint my nails! but not before really giving them a makeover.She used this great product to remove the cuticles.


My nails were looking great, and once the polish was added I felt amazing. The color is so beautiful. I was all set.


It was raining a bit outside and they were kind enough to offer me a shower cap. By this time, I had been there 3 hours, but met some great people and “I felt pretty oh so pretty”. If you have been looking for a great salon I highly recommend Marylin Monroe Spas. you can click here to see a full list of services. What event are you looking forward to getting pampered for?

Until Next time LittleFinders!



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