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I come from a family of creative people and entrepreneurs. Si, Mi Familia is always looking for new ways to expand their creativity and make a living doing what they enjoy con pasión. So naturally that’s in my blood. My earliest memories of experiencing this was going to work with my dad when we lived in Mexico City. He had his own company selling wholesale to craft stores.little-mexican-kids

He always worked so hard, as one of his goals was to always have a nice car. I recall him taking so much care of  it. Stopping for car washes, tune-ups and oil changes were part of our monthly routine when I would go work with him. I always looked up to him and how organized he was, actually, he still is. He alway would tell me “Hija si uno quiere alago en esta vida, uno lo puede consegir. solo tienes que echarle ganas, y cuando tengas halgo cuidalo”


(Honey, In this life,you can acquire whatever you want if you work hard for it, but when you have it make sure you take care of it)

Well, These words have stuck to me like glue, and ever since I started driving, taking care of my car it’s a priority. After all, just like mi papa I rely on my car for my passion which is this blog, My car takes me to so many different locations to take photographs,  grand openings, blogger events, conferences and the list goes on. It’s my lifeline.




Otra cosa que mi papá me enseño, was to take care of my money, so when it comes to my oil changes I go to Walmart Auto Care. The crew there is always super amigable y me ayudan con lo que necesito. I get the “Pit Crew Oil Change” with Quaker State™., They use Quaker State ® Advanced Durability Motor Oil and the service is only $19.88 ¡super ahorros! and coincidentally Quaker State® It’s #1 in Mexico and South America,  and being from Mexico myself, I feel super confident and orgullosa they use Quaker State™ en mi auto.



To be honest, I get such a feeling of pride every time I get an oil change, it’s like I am making mi papá proud, and most of the time I send him a text saying” guess what I just did my oil change” His response to me? Perfectoooooooooo .


Para mi, my car represents more than just a vehicle. It represents all the hard work my dad did for us to move to the United States and allow his children to do things like run a blog part time,  be able to have a nice car and ultimately have a better life.


Gracias to his advice and encouragement I drive my car all over the state explorando nuevas oportunidades to grow my blog.  That’s why I am so glad Walmart Auto Care uses Quaker State ® it truly gives you more durability and more honesty, making feel comfortable to drive my car crazy (literally).  Knowing mi auto is being taken care of, allows me to focus on what’s important to me.


Another thing my dad and I have in common is we are not the “DIY” type , so having Walmart Auto Care to change our oils, for only for just $19.88 is amazing, but if you are up for the challenge to do it yourself, Quaker State ® is a great oil at a great price and you can purchase it at Walmart.


With Hispanic Heritage Month being here, I can’t help but to get nostalgic and really reflect on my culture, mi papá, and  all my accomplishments. I know my dad always wished for us to have strong Latino values, work hard and appreciate what we have. He probably doesn’t know how much his consejos have shaped me, and how that little girl that use to go business to business selling in his car, really admire him and took all his advice to heart.

Until next time Littlefinders!


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