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Get cozy with Bed Head Pajamas!

I have to say I never really thought about investing in Pajamas. I’ve always been the type of girl that just wore a big oversize t-shirt and basketball shorts (I hope this isn’t ruining my fashionista status) However I recently partner up with Bedheadpajamas and they have completely changed my mind. I realized what I wear to bed or even to just hang out around the house, can be just as cute as what I wear to work or when I’m out and about. Plus, the fact that their pj’s are extremely cozy doesn’t make it a hard choice.  Today I am showing you three different looks, but the selection on their website is endless and I can guarantee you will fall in love with all of their styles as much as I did.


I will start with the super cute classic Pajama set. Living in Florida, you definitely want to wear shorts most of the year and this  Black Stretch Lace Trim set  it’s a winner! The fabric is super soft and I love the lace detail.  I’m not going to lie, but when I wore them, they made me feel like Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl. They’re cute, sexy and you can wear them to just hang around the house. Plus you can mix the shorts with a bunch of different tops to create different looks. They also have this same set with pants if you prefer that. Plus this same set it’s available in different colors and patterns. Trust me, you will want to get them in every color!



Now raise your hand if you are a Hello Kitty Fan. Well, I am, and when I saw this Hello Kitty Geisha Robe, I immediately added it to my cart. It looked so cute on the site, and once it arrived it did not disappoint. This robe is one the prettiest things I have ever own. It’s perfect to get your hair and makeup ready while wearing something comfortable, perfect to walk around the house if you have guest all the time (like we do) and definitely to have handy when you travel.  The quality of Bed Head Pajamas  is extremely high, and I can see this, Hello Kitty Geisha Robe being with me for a loooong time, plus I don’t see Hello Kitty going out of style anytime soon do you?




Finally how adorable is this Eiffel/kites, tank and short set! These are for sure Florida pajamas. The spaghetti strap top is perfect for keeping you cool during the night and the material is super stretchy so no matter how you are feeling, you will be comfortable. I absolutely LOVE the pattern and the color.  These are definitely going to be my Sunday pjs from now on. I will probably stay on them all day, binge on Netflix, coffee, and cookies. Who wants to join?



These three sets are truly such a small portion of the huge variety that Bed Head Pajamas has in stock. No matter if you like robes, pants, shorts, long sleeve or even pj’s for your dogs, (I’m not kidding take a look ) you will fall in love with them. I truly love all three sets, but I want to hear from you! Which one do you like best?

Until next time Littlefinders!

Disclaimer: O received complimentary merchandise from Bed Head Pajamas in exchange for this post. As always all opinions are my own, I truly only partner with companies I love.


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