Creating New Looks from new and old items!

As a blogger, sometimes people think we have an endless amount of clothes and never wear the samething more tha once. Honestly it could not be farther from the truth. Sure I probably purchase clothing more often that others as blogging is part of my career, also lots of brands are very kind to send me stuff, but at the end of the day I often wake up thinking i have nothing to wear, just many girls do.


My point is one must get creative with new and old items from our closets to create new looks. You might remeber last year pleather leggings were so in and the ones I am wearing were on rotation all last fall, well time to get them out again  and start finding itmes in your closet to pair them up with


The ones I am wearing here are from Express and are super comfty, I think I wore them every week last season and they are still standing strong. Since pleather leggings are always very form fitting, I decided to pair them up with a loose shirt.  You don’t want to wear a tight top creating a less flattering look. This top is a few months old and from New York and Company.  Shoes are also such an opportunity to make a statement and snake skin is back this season. You can read more about them here.


Finally you might have seen this coat in one of my instagram post c/o of Justfab. It’s Faux suede and perfect for Florida. It’s light enough for a breezy day, but perfect to layer. I honestly put this outfit together really fast and realized how many good items I have in my closet. I encourage you to look in your wardrobe too and I guarantee you will find tons of new outfits to wear this season.


Until Next Time Littlefinders.

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