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I am a huge fan of accessories, especially watches. As you might remember I got my first wood watch a couple of months ago and I get tons of compliments when I wear it.  When I first got it, I have to say my boyfriend was pretty jealous, since he has been wanting one of these unique watches himself, for a long time.

His wish finally came through and this time he is the star of this post. Jord has such a big selection of Men’s watches so it was tough to make a choice. But he ended up choosing this one.We really fell in love with the face and the shape of the watch.

Besides loving the watch, we really like what the brand stands for. They really focus on sustainability, efficiency and experimental living, and owning something from a conscious company feels pretty great.

The wood watches really feel like such timeless pieces that really won’t go out of style. One thing that Mauricio really likes it’s that the watch is comfortable. I know this might sound weird, but he is really sensitive about metals, and living in Florida wearing jewelry and watches can get uncomfortable because of the weather, however, he loves this one and is looking forward to getting another one.

If you are looking for a unique gift for your significant other or any of the men in you family, Jord watches is the way to go. It’s truly such a unique gift that they will love it.


Until Next Time LittleFinders!

Wooden Wristwatch

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