Keeping my sanity when traveling.

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Hi, my Littlefinders. I am so excited that my trip to Paris is literally one week from today. Woohoo!!! I don’t know about you, but packing is a bit stressful for me. As a Lifestyle/Fashion blogger, of course, I want to take great photos. Picking the right outfits gives me a bit of anxiety and honestly, it’s my least favorite part of traveling. Today instead of giving you a post on tips on how to pack, I am giving you some tips on things I do to relax and fight the nerves that come with packing and traveling.

  • Listen to your favorite tunes: I love music, and I find it when I am stressed music calms me down. Instead of turning the TV on, try some music. I personally love using wireless headphones around the house, especially if my boyfriend is watching tv or working. Recently I have been obsessing over my Efitz wireless headphones, from Specterwireless. The sound is amazing and I am so free to move around. Plus they will be AMAZING for the plane ride.


  • Pack in advanced: I usually start packing two weekends before my trip, I know it sounds a little early, however, It keeps things calm and organized for me. I like to make a list on my computer of outfits I want to pack. Trust me, it makes things so much easier! 

  • Enjoy the moment: Sometimes we spend so much time planning than actually enjoying the experience. Then just like that, it’s over. Try to relax and really enjoy everything about your get away!

I can’t wait to share photos from my trip. Until next time littlefinders!

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