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Getting Pampered at L’occitane in Disney Springs

This is a sponsored post in partnership with L’occitane, as always all opinions are 100 percent my own.

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting L’occitane at Disney Springs to enjoy one of their pampering experiences. I’ve recently heard nothing but amazing things about L’occitane, so I was thrilled to go and get pampered. But first of all, let’s address the elephant in the room. How do you pronounce L’occitane? Check out this fun video.



I have to admit I watched this in the car before heading to the store. However, I was told by the employees that they actually watch this video when they first get hired, so I felt a lot better :). My experience was amazing from the moment I walked in. The staff was really friendly (even before they knew I was there to blog about the experience) They were so kind and ready to help.

I then proceeded to start my pampering session. By the way, these sessions are open to the public, so I am not the only lucky one who gets the VIP treatment. You can even do a girls night out where you and your girlfriends get pampered. Look how cute the area is, there are even iPad minis for you to enjoy


Jennifer was my consultant throughout the whole pampering session. She started out by giving me a hand massage. Guys, you could literally see the difference in the color of my skin. It was incredible how their hand wash and lotion got rid of dead cells and made such a difference. Plus, it felt amazing.

After my hand massage, we proceeded to the pampering area. I love how it’s tucked in the back, so you still have some privacy but customers can walk around and see the products as well. Here is where Jennifer went over my whole skin routine with me and I learned so much about the products I should and should not use. She started by rubbing some Lavender relaxing roll on around my neck. This is great to use before you go to bed or in the mornings before your crazy commute.

I love how detailed she was, we went through every single skin care product that would be good for my skin type. If I learned one thing is that you MUST invest in a good serum. If your memory is as bad as mine worry not, as Jennifer wrote down everything she used during my facial in a cute little card. I could not believe how great my skin looked with no makeup on, but most of all, it felt so fresh and rejuvenated. Plus I cannot stress how nice the WHOLE staff was. To me, that is just as important as the quality of the products.

But the fun didn’t end there. L’occitane is partnering with the makeup line LimeLight, so they will be offering mini makeup sessions for customers as well! Now that my skin was nice and clean, Lindsey from LimeLight was there to give me a mini makeover. I wanted something a little bold since it was nighttime and I made my boyfriend take me out after.


If you want to learn more about Lime Light, I highly recommend you check Lindsey’s page here. I fell in love with their concealer and lip-glosses, so my order is on the way! What do you guys think of my look?

Now for the most exciting part! I will be hosting an event with L’occitane and LimeLight in November, so all of you can have the same experience as I did! There will be macaroons, mocktails, photo booths and lots of goodies for you to try. Make sure you follow me on Instagram to get all the details. Trust me you won’t want to miss out on this event.


Until Next Time LittleFinders!



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