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Dîner en Blanc Orlando

Hello My Littlefinders! I hope everyone is having a great week! I am super excited because I feel the past month has been full of amazing events, and November is not going to disappoint. I am so excited to attend one of the coolest events Orlando has to offer. The best part is this event celebrated World Wide. I am talking about Dîner en Blanc.

I want you to think of Dîner en Blanc as a giant elegant picnic, where everyone dresses in white, you are invited by someone and the location is kept secret until the last minute! Click here to read more on the history of this amazing event! Dîner en Blanc Orlando is happening Friday November 10th and you can still register. Click here to do so! To get you excited about this event I had the chance to interview Tashima Johnson Co-Organizer and one of the hosts of Le Dîner en Blanc Orlando, to give us the 411 on this whole event, so make sure you take notes!

Q.    I know most details are kept secret, but what exciting things can guests look forward to at this year‘s edition of  Dîner en Blanc Orlando? 

A: Guests will undoubtedly enjoy a full evening of elegance and entertainment while dining and dancing under the stars at a spectacular location in Orlando!

Q:    What more can you tell us about Foodie Catering and how guests can benefit from ordering their meal from them? 

A: Foodie Catering is known for their creative menus and first class caterer of premium events throughout central Florida and as the official caterer to the Orlando City Football Club.  With more than 37 years of industry experience from the Waldorf Astoria in NYC to The Grand Floridian here in Orlando, we are pleased to have Chef Raul Bosch of Foodie Catering and his team joining us this year as the designated caterer for Dîner en Blanc Orlando 2017.  Chef Raul has created an exclusive luxury picnic menu for us with four different options.  All meals are served hot and are three-courses inclusive of a salad, entrée with sides and dessert for two people.  Meal options as well as our wine and champagne offerings are available for purchase through the Dîner en Blanc Orlando E-Store.

Q:    We know the dress code requires us to wear all white, but can you give us some tips or advice on what to wear? 

A: Dîner en Blanc is “The Event” to cater to your Inner Diva!  This is YOUR opportunity to “dress to the nines!”  Of course, while a simple chic white outfit will do, why not take this opportunity to stand out in a sea of white?   Make this an evening to express your unique sense of “style.”   Add some flair to your outfit and get creative!

Q:    Can you offer any tips to make Dîner en Blanc the perfect night? 

A: I would recommend early planning!  Le Dîner en Blanc is essentially a picnic, so you are required to bring all your dining accessories. There are specifications on table size allowed, chair specifications, among other details to factor in when preparing for this event.  Plan ahead and create a checklist to ensure you have everything you need. To help make your experience go smoothly, everyone is assigned a Table Leader.  It is the Table Leader’s responsibility to answer your questions and to provide timely updates prior to the event. Get to know your Table Leader and watch out for their emails.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you have concerns.

Quick tip for the ladies – Have a pair of flats handy (white flats, of course).  Anyone who has attended a Dîner en Blanc can attest that there is quite a bit of walking involved moving from the bus to the venue with your picnic gear.  Save your high heels for your photo moments at the party.  

So LittleFinders! You heard all the details here first! Make sure to not miss this AMAZING event and like always message me with your questions

Until Next Time LittleFinders!

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