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Do you ever wake up saying I want to try something new today? I recently started a couple of new workouts, but one of the things that I used to love doing was riding a bike. I know it sounds super old school, but it is actually super fun. I decided to stop thinking it, and actually, start riding again. I headed to my local Target and bought a bike, along with the new Kleenex wet wipes. Have you heard of them?

You can pick them up at the paper goods aisle. There are three types and they only cost $1.49!

  • Gentle Clean (blue pack, 24-ct)
  • Germ Removal (orange pack, 20-ct)
  • Sensitive (green pack, 20-ct)

These are perfect for on the go and they compliment your Kleenex (which a lot of us women already carry around)  Kleenex wet wipes can be used on your hands and face, and make you feel so refreshed especially after a long bike ride or whichever new activity you are trying these days.

If you have been wanting to try something new, DO IT. Stop putting it off and make the move today.I have to admit at the beginning, it was a bit odd riding a bike again. I felt old and out of shape, plus can I just say how hot Florida is.

But honestly, with time it got easier. I am hoping to bring my niece to visit me in Orlando, and I know this is one of the things she wants to do the most. Kleenex Wipes are going to be great to have in hand, especially with a kid around.


Kleenex Wet Wipes can also be used at home. You can also buy them online by clicking here. I would love to hear what new activity you are trying, or have been wanting to try! Leave your comments below and let me know your thoughts on the new Kleenex wipes.


Until Next Time Littlefinders!

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