An Open Letter to my mom!

Dear momsy:

As we get older, our memories fade and we forget many of the moments we had as children. School,  festivals, Christmas mornings, extracurricular activities and temper tantrums, just to name a few. Now that I’m older I realize how much you did for me while working so hard and crazy hours. Things that you didn’t HAVE to do, but you WANTED to. Instead of giving you a birthday card this year. I am giving you this post.


I wanted to be a princess for Halloween in first grade, and you stayed up all night hand painting my costume. I won first place at the school contest that year! In fifth grade,  I wanted a “small” get together for my birthday but ended up inviting the whole school and your friend and you had to go buy tons of more food last minute. You stood there for hours making hot dogs in the microwave for my “small get together” Everyone was talking about my party the next day.


You are an amazing seamstress and when I saw an outfit I loved in one the Mexican Telenovelas you would never hesitate to make it for me, (I was the best-dressed kid in the market) but things didn’t stop because I grew up.


In high school, you made all my dance outfits, my props, my prom and homecoming dresses oh and even my friend’s dresses!  Remember when I wanted a purse made out of a pair of jeans? You helped me make it on a Sunday so I could wear it to school on Monday. I got so many compliments on that purse!


You supported all my decisions, going to Europe sophomore year of college for a month only to come back to a redecorated room covered in Eiffel tower wallpaper! When I wanted to move to UCF (even though you lived 15 minutes away from the school)  you helped me sign the lease, decorate the apartment and spend the first night with me when I started getting anxious about moving out.


Through fifteen years of working in the corporate world, you helped make my resume, proofread my scripts and emails, and taught me how to dress properly. You took my calls on both good and bad days. And just last month when I went and bought a new car out of the blue you were happy for me. Oh and let’s not forget you still help me proofread my blog post (so if this one has any mistakes it’s because I am not letting my mom see it first) These are only a few of hundreds of things you helped me with. You are the best mom in the world, my BFFFF! Thank you, for being my mom and for helping me with everything I ever needed. I hope you have an amazing birthday and if you need me to make hot dogs for you I can do that.

Love you forever! Mini

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