3 essentials for a super fun summer!

This post is sponsored by My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.
From my previous post, you guys know I LOVE My/Mo Mochi Ice cream. It’s so fun, flavorful and the perfect snack. Now that summer is here I am giving you three essentials you must have for the perfect summer!

A super fun bathing suit: DO NOT LET ANYTHING STOP YOU FROM GETTING A CUTE BATHING SUIT. There are so many options these days. Different sizes, price points, styles etc. Buy one that makes you feel super confident and get yourself to the beach or pool.


Hanging out by the Pool:Speaking of pools. Find a pool to hang out at, whether is your own, your friends or your families. Hanging out by the pool in the summer is a must. Sometimes I layout, others I go for a good swim or hang out on a fun tube. I try to make it a point to hang out by the pool once a week. Trust me, it will help you get super relaxed and enjoy the nice warm summer weather.
Snacks: My go-to summer snack is My/Mo Mochi Ice cream. You guys might remember how obsessed I am with it. My/ Mo Mochi Ice cream It’s an every day, any time snack. With it’s soft, pillowy powdered exterior and delicious flavored ice cream in the interior, My/ Mo Mochi Ice cream goes with me to work, picnics, family gatherings, and even road trips, but this summer I am all about taking it with me to the pool. There are so many flavors like cookies and cream, strawberry, Vanilla, Mango and chocolate.
You can visit to find out where you can buy it and start planning a super fun and enjoyable summer!
Until Next Time LittleFinders!

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