How to have a successful closet sale #makeitreign

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Hello, my Littlefinders! I’ve gotten a lot of questions about how I keep my wardrobe fresh without breaking the bank. My secret? I often have closet sales that allow me to get rid of things I no longer wear and be able to buy new ones. Call it my side hustle, my entrepreneur self or just me slaying it in the fashion department. Let’s #MakeItReign


Why I do it?

Clothes help me express myself. Every season I find inspiration from magazines, Pinterest, and even TV characters. This season I am obsessed with Teresa Mendoza’s style. She’s the main character from USA’s Queen Of The South and she’s goals! From her clothes to her strong attitude she’s a total #girlboss. I have been binging in season one and two on Netflix, in anticipation of season 3 premiering Thursday, June 21st. I noticed I didn’t have many clothes that help me bring out my inner Teresa, so it’s time for a closet sale!

How I do it?

Get out your notebooks because here’s everything you need to know how to be successful.

  • No attachments: Go through your closet and if you have not worn something in 3 months it’s time to say bye-bye. (keep in mind I don’t get rid of staple pieces or higher end items, but if you are ready for any of them to go, do it!)


  • Post on your social media that you are doing a closet sale and whoever is interested add them to a private group (creating a group on Facebook or Instagram is the best way to go so you don’t spam the people that are not interested)


  • Once everyone has answered you, it’s time to add them to the group and post photos of your items. I only post one photo and let people know they can get more photos upon request.


  • State the rules, whoever comments SOLD first gets the item. Must pay with Cashpp, Venmo or Paypal within 24 hours of purchasing the item. No returns. I usually do a flat rate shipping, but if people want to meet me somewhere near my house we can do that too.


  • Price things reasonably, my rule is 25% to 50% of what I paid for the item. During my last sale, I made over $300 on stuff that was just sitting in my closet!

Guess what? You now have money to spend on new clothes! Find your inspiration and let’s go shopping!


I can’t wait to see what Teresa Mendoza wears during season 3 of Queen of the South premiering Thursday, June 21st!  The season will then air each week on Thursdays at 9/8c! She has seized the throne of her own empire now, so I am sure her style is going to be to die for. In the meantime get your fix by Catching up on Season 1 and 2 of Queen of the South on Netflix!

Until Next Time LittleFinders!



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