My Best Summer Yet

  This post is sponsored by Summer’s Eve® but the content and opinions expressed are my own.


Hello, my #Littlefinders. I hope everyone is ready to conquer the month of June. I am declaring summer to be Laila time! AKA I am planning to be the best version of myself. This means good sleep, workouts, prepping lunch, kicking butt at work and tackling all the chores I been wanting to do at home. This can mean running around all day non-stop leaving me feeling anything less than fresh. Luckily Summer’s Eve® is coming to the rescue.

Like many of you, I love going to Target and browsing for new products. While looking around I noticed Summer’s Eve® has a new scent of Feminine Cleansing Wash and a 16-count Cloth pack. Blissful Escape™. Just the name makes me feel refreshed.

The Blissful Escape™ scent is available in a 15oz Feminine Cleansing Wash and a 16-count Cloth pack. I love both of them for different reasons. The cleansing wash removes odor, bacteria, helps maintain a natural PH and it’s scent is clinically tested, so I know I am using a product that is not harmful to me. It’s perfect for morning or nighttime showers.

The Blissful Escape™ 16-count Cloth pack is great to carry with me to the gym, work and other places. I can always have them with me, knowing I can refresh whenever I need to.  Keep some in your locker, your bag, your car and anywhere you need it. (Make sure they are at room temperature)

Summer’s Eve® already had so many great scents, but Blissful Eescape™ has to be my favorite yet. It includes a mix of natural berry notes, including top fragrance notes of orange, green, cranberry, and banana. Middle notes are mango, jasmine, pineapple, rose, and base notes are peach, coconut, and apple.

Feeling fresh means feeling confident. Life gets busy and you want to make sure you are taking care of yourself in all aspects. As if I had to convince you any further, Target is offering 20% off with Cartwheel, available through June 30, 2018, so not only will you be able to buy the product but save some money while you do so!

I am so excited to share Summer’s Eve® Blissful Escape™ products with you and I hope you give it a try. I hope you make June your best month yet. Like always let me know what you think in the comments. Until next time Littlefinders!



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