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I feel like the older I get, more and more of my friends or family members have moved away. We all started our careers, families and life adventures and destiny takes us on different paths. I won’t lie I feel like I am #winning in life. My career is going well, I have accomplished a lot of my goals and I love sharing my success with my friends. The same goes when we are playing Words with Friends 2 and I get a higher score :).

Finding ways to stay in touch is hard, but little moments go a long way. I have recently become obsessed with WWF2. I’ve gotten my sister in Miami, my bestie in LA and my coworker in Atlanta all into it. We have so much fun playing together and even though we might not talk on the phone as often, all of us playing together makes me feel like I have them right here in my living room. And I feel very smart when I beat their score (evil laugh)

Words with friends it’s so great to exercise your brain, I love playing when in go for a walk, by the pool or after a long day of work when I want to relax with a cup of tea. Whether it’s a small win on WWF2 or scoring a big account at work, I love all the exercise my brain gets (yes you must exercise your brain) Makes me feel like a winner!

I go by memina123 on WWF2 what about you? Let’s play each other! If you haven’t download it I suggest you do it right now, because you are missing on a ton of fun. Simply click here to learn more and here to download it whether is android or Apple! do so, and find me so we can have some serious fun!

Until next time Littlefinders!


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