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Jewelry Television on Tour!

    This post was sponsored and compensated by JTV.  As always,all opinions are my own.

Hello My Littlefinders! I have to tell you I had the best weekend ever combining two of my
favorite things; jewelry and sports. Yep, you heard it right! I was able to attend FanFest this past Saturday at the Camping World Stadium in Orlando where the JTV Jewelry Love Tour
bus was showcasing all of their beautiful jewelry along with a bunch of other fun, interactive
stations. If you have not heard of JTV, sit down and grab a coffee because I’m about to tell you all about it!

JTV stands for Jewelry Television, whichis 24/7coverage of beautiful, well made and affordable jewelry available for sale. Thinkjewelry shopping, from the convenience of your own home
while someone else is showing you all the details and secrets that make each piece special.
For more than 25 years, JTV has been one of the leading jewelry and gemstones retailers in the
U.S., featuring 160 gemstone varieties, including exclusive brands found only at JTV.
Trust me, you will fall in love. This fall, JTV is taking its JTV Jewelry Love Tour to a city near you (click here for a list of cities) during a variety of major events across the southeast. The purpose of the #JTV tour is to bring the full JTV experience to its fans and introduce
JTV to people who may not be familiar with it. The JTV Jewelry Love Tour allows you to admire all the beautiful jewelry in person. Please note, due to different tax laws in different states, you won’t be able to purchase the jewelry on site, however you can head to as soon as you spot a beautiful piece and purchase it.
While we were at the JTV Jewelry Love Tour bus, my sister fell in love with a beautiful turquoisepiece  which she purchased right away on her phone! Some of the types of jewelry they had on display were yellow gold, Moissanite, colored gemstones sets in silver, pearls, exclusive
artisan collections and so much more. I was so obsessed with so many of the pieces that I
mentally started making a birthday list for myself. Is that bad? :O
The JTV Jewelry Love Tour bus doesn’t only bring you beautiful jewelry to look at, but also a
super fun interactive experience. My sister and I had a blast hitting every #JTVtour station.
We began with the selfie station. Come on who doesn’t love a good old photo? I was able to
enter my phone number and quickly receive my photo on my phone to post on my social
channels. Remember if you don’t post it, it never happened :).
We then headed to the virtual reality station. This was so fun and such a unique experience. At the VR station had a few scenarios to choose from. We decided to host of a segment for JTV. It felt so real, and it was so neat to get an idea of how a real segment would run. I’m not going to lie, I wanted to take the glasses home and have my fiancé try it.

Next was the craft section. JTV was kind enough to bring beads, thread and all the materials necessary to make your own bracelet. My sister mentioned this was her favorite part. It honestly was therapeutic and so fun creating a one of a kind bracelet, get this… for free. This is open to anyone who stops by the JTV Jewelry Love Tour bus!  So, make sure to stop by and make your very own bracelet, ring or necklace! This area is not only for women, I saw husbands, teens, young kids and people of all ages enjoying the craft.

The JTV bus was more than another kiosk to stop by during FanFest, it was truly a whole interactive, educational experience. My sister and I spent more than an hour admiring the jewelry, making bracelets, and having conversations with the JTV staff. They were so nice and knowledgeable about the jewelry, it was clear they genuinely enjoyed being there. Remember to click here (I will add link) to see if the #JTVtour is coming to a city near you. In the meantime, head to or search for the JTV with your local provider. Trust me you will fall in love with all their jewelry just as much as I will.

Until Next Time LittleFinders!






This post was sponsored by JTV. Although I have been compensated, all opinions are my own.

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