Six hacks to save you time and money at Halloween Horror Nights!

Hello, my Littlefinders! There are still nine days left for you attend Halloween Horror Nights Orlando. Whether you have gone already, or you are planning on attending soon, I am giving you six hacks to save you time, money and even add some extra fun!

1. Bring an empty water bottle: You are going to be at Universal for a few hours and you will get thirsty, but buying multiple bottles of water can get expensive. Many of the restaurants now offer water dispensers, there are cups there, but you can also refill your bottle with cold, non-water fountain water. The easiest one to get to is Croissant Moon Bakery right by the entrance of the park

2. Make your way from the back to the front of the park: Your first instinct as you walk into HHN will be to go straight. If you actually make a right near the Child’s Play scare zone there are two scary houses back there. The lines are a lot shorter than the houses upfront. If you are planning to stay until the park closes, you will notice the time for the houses in the front of the park will go down as the night wears down.

3. Long restroom lines?: This might seem silly but your girl is trying to save you time here. Avoid using the restrooms near the houses. Instead head to the restaurants Monster cafe had no line, clean restrooms, and even tables and chairs to relax for a few minutes. Also, the restrooms near Harry Potter were a lot emptier than anything near scare zones and houses.

4. Split the parking cost: Parking is $22 (unless you are a pass holder,in which is free) Make sure you carpool if you are going with a group and share the cost. You can also meet somewhere near Universal and Uber. Trust me it will be a lot cheaper.

5. Frequent Fear Pass: Making it to all the houses in one night can be tough. There are quite a few options of frequent passes where you can go multiple times.  This way you can do a few houses a night, go home and come back. This might not be ideal for everyone, but definitely, a way to see more of HHN. Click here to see all the options

6. Go on Halloween night: This might sound a little crazy, but my fiance and I have been going on Halloween for the past four years. Believe me, it’s not that busy. Most people are either trick or treating with their kids or partying downtown. If you do not want to invest in a frequent fear pass, I would say this is definitely the next best thing!

A little extra tip. Make sure you visit Williams of Hollywood Prop Shop located near the hello kitty store. It has so many fun vintage Universal props, as well as amazing vintage clothes and accessories.

I hope these hacks will help you have the best time at HHN 28, and if you have any other tips I did not cover, I would love to hear them.

Until Next Time LittleFinders!


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