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A Fall inspired ponytail

This shop has been compensated by Schwarzkopf. #CollectiveBias #KeratinKBondPlex #KeratinColorAtWalmart

Hello, My LittleFinders! It’s finally starting to feel like fall in Flordia, and I am in the mood to experiment with my hair color, without the full commitment. You guys know I sometimes use hair extensions to try different looks, and whenever I want to dye my extensions I only use Schwarzkopf® products. This time I am trying their Keratin Color. You might remember my last post I dyed my extensions red, so this time I am using the shade Espresso!

Even though I am dying my hair extensions and not my real hair, I want to make sure I am using hair quality products. Extensions aren’t cheap and real hair, well it’s real hair. You want to give your hair the best care possible. Schwarzkopf® offers less hair breakage, a pre-treatment for even color result, a Pre-Color Serum that conditions the hair before coloring, for a more even color result and even color from root to tip, which are all just as important for dying your hair extensions or your real hair.

Besides the benefits of using Schwarzkopf® Keratin color, I love that it’s available at Walmart and I can simply pick it up when I do my grocery shopping. I like knowing I am buying a product that has anti-breakage technology, K-Bond Plex, and it will keep my hair beautiful, strong and healthy. All without the breakage.


Dying your hair extensions to accomplish a full pony tail look, is super easy. Simply follow the box instructions as if you were dying your real hair. Definitely use the gloves and add as many extensions as you desire depending on how full you want to make the pony tail. Once your hair extensions are colored, give it a good blow dry for a smooth look and feel. You will notice using Schwarzkopf®,  will achieve shine and a soft feeling on your hair or extensions.

After that, simply put your hair in a tight bun and add the hair extensions for a fuller look! What do you guys think? I feel a bit like a Rockstar and I have to tell you I am not hating it :). I would love to hear your thoughts on the look below.


Make sure to stop by Walmart to purchase your favorite color  Schwarzkopf® Keratin Color.


Until Next Time LittleFinders!

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