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Hello, my Littlefinders! New year, New beauty #goals. I always thought once you finish going through puberty you don’t have to worry about oily skin or blackheads, but boy was I wrong. I was looking in the mirror the other day and noticed blackheads in my nose and chin. I needed a product to help my congested pores and get rid of blackheads. I was super excited to discover BIORÉ® WITCH HAZEL ULTRA DEEP CLEANSING PORE STRIPS AND BIORÉ® WITCH HAZEL PORE CLARIFYING TONER. I like products that are convenient to find and don’t cost me an arm and a leg. Most importantly, they work! BIORÉ® products can be found at Walmart which is easy to pick up when I go grocery shopping. If you, like me, want to get rid of Oil and Blackheads, follow this tips for a 2019 filled with beautiful skin.

End day with a clean face: The worst thing you can do for your skin is going to sleep with makeup on. I know you have heard this before. However, a lot of you are probably on your phone reading my blog and about to pass out while still wearing your makeup. I like to first to wash my face with a cleansing face wash and use a warm towel to remove it. You can also clean your face during a hot shower. (visit as well as @BioreUS on Instagram to learn more about other products).

Once your face is dry, apply BIORÉ® WITCH HAZEL PORE CLARIFYING TONER with a cotton ball, evenly on your face. BIORÉ® WITCH HAZEL PORE CLARIFYING TONER is super lightweight and will help restore skin’s balance as it deep cleans. It will also remove residue a cleanser might have missed. This product is long known for its astringent and pore cleansing properties. Witch Hazel is a multi-purpose remedy. The natural ingredient is known to tighten pores, purify, refresh and help heal skin. When Bioré® Pore Clarifying Toner is combined with this botanical astringent, wicked skin issues disappear. You will love the way your skin feels right after you apply it, and will start noticing a difference especially if you make this a routine!

Besides applying my toner daily, I LOVE to use BIORÉ® WITCH HAZEL ULTRA DEEP CLEANSING PORE STRIPS. Especially for particular areas like my nose and chin. You probably have used strips before, but keep in mind that not all pore strips work like Bioré® Pore Strips! Unlike other pore strips, Bioré® Witch Hazel Ultra Deep Cleansing Pore Strips uses a blend of C-bond technology to remove dirt, oil, and blackheads safely. These strips work like a super magnet! The moment you remove it you will feel and see everything that has been hiding in your pores. You will be giving your face a complete, clean makeover. The strips are the perfect compliment to using the toner.

It’s time you start making skin care a priority, and BIORÉ® makes it super easy with affordable and reliable products. Click here to check out everything they have to offer, and comment below on your beauty routine. I would love to hear your experience of using BIORÉ® products!

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