Maybe you just haven’t found the right tomatoe

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When people tell me they don’t like tomatoes, it’s quite hard for me to understand. I can’t help to think that maybe you just haven’t found the right one. Or have you ever even tried tomatoes? Growing up in Mexico, I was blessed enough that my parents had a store at the “Mercado” AKA market. My mom was always able to buy fresh produce when in season, from farm to market. When we moved to Florida, I ever wondered if we would be able to get the same type of fresh, tasty tomatoes because they happen to be a favorite of mine.

This thought didn’t come back until I moved out and I started buying my groceries. I realized the best time to purchase tomatoes is when in season! As a Mexican food aficionado, lots of my recipes include tomatoes — recipes such as pico de gallo, enchilada sauce, picadillo and many more. Fresh from Florida tomatoes from Publix always save the day! (make sure to look for the label) I always look for the perfect shade of red as well as firmness. My instincts are usually right :).

Florida Farmers make it easy for everyone to eat fresh produce year-round and Fresh From Florida tomatoes are now in season in Florida. It’s time to make those delicious Mexican recipes that I grew up with, but honestly, sometimes I eat the tomatoes by themselves with some salt and pepper. They make the perfect healthy snack. For me, it’s essential to buy in season products to get the freshest products. When heading to Publix or your grocery store of choice, look for food, produce, seafood, and especially tomatoes labeled Fresh From Florida. Trust me; you won’t regret buying produce with that little label that makes a world of difference.


If you need some inspiration to create some delicious recipes, make sure to Follow the Fresh on social media and check out their Fresh! recipe videos. I can’t wait to hear what type of recipes you make using #FreshFromFlorida tomatoes.


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