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This post was sponsored by Revlon Hair Tools as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central, and all opinions expressed in my post are my own

My life pretty much centers around working a full-time corporate job attending blogging events and joining my fiancé at his art shows. I am always pretty busy, but looking nice and put together it’s a priority of mine. Having my hair look its best makes me feel so much more confident when attending meetings or events and that’s where Revlon Hair Tools come in handy.

I recently got the Revlon Sophist-O-Twist, at Target. It is a velvet large size hair tool, with a hole in the middle to help you achieve different up-does.  You can create so many high-end looks that take minutes, but look like they took hours. It’s excellent for full-size buns, half up-do buns and my favorite the messy bun! I have long thick hair, so creating an up-do it’s always a challenge. The Revlon Sophist-O-Twist is making my life very easy these days.

Using the Sophist-O-Twist is simple.


  1. Decide what type of hairstyle you want to accomplish. I am going for the high bun, so I put all of my hair through the middle hole, squeeze both sides of the Sophist-O-Twist to hold hair securely.


  1. Pull the Sophist-O-Twist down, about two to four inches from the end of your hair.


  1. Roll inward reaching the back of your hair


  1. Bend the Sophist-O-Twist downward to form a circle making it look like a bun


  1. -Finally, pull hair over the ends to hide the Sophist-O-Twist


Tada! It takes less than five minutes, and you have a high – end look with very minimal effort. With all the grand celebrations and events during spring, Revlon Hair tools are your lifelines. I enjoy getting them at Target because everything is usually in one place and very easy to find.

What do you think of the Sophist-O-Twist, will you be giving it a try? I look forward to seeing your hairstyles! Click here to get more inspiration.


Until Next Time Littlefinders

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