The Wedding Planning Doubts. Did it happen to you?

Hello, my LittleFinders. I hope you are having a great weekend! I know it seems like lately, I do a lot of wedding talk, but what the heck I am only getting married once! If this isn’t your favorite topic, you won’t hurt my feelings if you skip this post. Today I am talking about a controversial topic and I would love to hear from my past, present and future brides. How much is too much to spend on your wedding? Is there even an answer for this? And Did you ever feel guilty?


Let’s start by saying I have always stunk at saving money. Yes we have taken many vacations, and I have been able to pull it off, but my wedding is the first colossal expense I have ever saved for. So far so good. Everything is coming together, the side hustles are going very well. However, I have to be honest. Often my nerves get the best of me, and I find myself asking – Are all these months of sacrifices, hard work and saving, worth spending in one day? It’s not just any day. I will get to marry my best friend as God is our witness, in the company of my family and 200 hundred of our closest friends. For us, every person that we are inviting to our wedding is extraordinary and special, so it’s not just a number. These are genuine people we want there, to spend this beautiful day with us. But of course the more people, the more money. Not to mention we are not simple people when it comes to celebrations. We love being different, making events special and of course, our wedding is no different. (If you went or read about my 30th birthday party you might be familiar with this)


Let’s be honest,before I got engaged I used to be so judgmental on things brides spent their money on, but now that it’s my turn I am eating my words.  As I have been putting deposits down this past few months, (DJ, Video, photos, photo booth, cake .. Do i need a cake?) It does cross my mind about all the things I could do with that money. Vacations, down payment for a house, save it, donated it? However this feeling isn’t strong enough for me to choose a smaller wedding, an elopement or downsize. So why do I still feel this sort of guilt?


Many people have told me (in a polite way) how much of a waste of money a big wedding is, or all the things you can do with that money, but again Mauricio and I want a big ceremony and a big celebration. So my question for you is, What was your experience? Did you ever feel guilty? Did you ever change your mind? Heck, maybe you never even thought about it. I don’t see myself changing my plans, but I do see me feeling guilt throughout the process. I will say I am always thankful and appreciative of what I have. I know I am very blessed and count my blessings. So what’s your opinion on this? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Until Next Time LittleFinders


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