Easy Bell Pepper Nachos

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Being from Mexico, two things are dear to my heart. Mexican food and fresh produce. So many of the recipes I cook at home include peppers. Some of my favorite things to make are “Chiles Rellenos,” stuffed peppers and even some fresh salads. Bell peppers are so easy to add to so many dishes and go perfect with other vegetables such as squash and sweet corn. Luckily for me all of these are in season in Florida, you can look for bell peppers labeled Fresh From Florida at your local here to learn more

While I enjoy playing with recipes, I am often super busy, so I wanted to create a super easy recipe for you guys using bell peppers. Let’s make some nachos! You will need a few simple ingredients for two servings.

– Lean Ground Beef
– Three to four bell peppers
– Tomatoes
-Sour Cream
– Mexican shredded cheese

Start by cooking your ground beef on medium heat until well to medium well. For flavor, I like to add a little bit of soy sauce, powder garlic, adobo, salt, and pepper. While you are cooking your ground beef, cut the bell peppers in slices. Make them big enough to serve as scoops for your nachos. The bell peppers will replace chips. Trust me much healthier and tastier.



Once the ground beef it’s fully cooked, use an oven-safe pan and layer your peppers, ground beef, lots and lots of cheese and broil at 300 degrees for 7 minutes. Once the cheese melts, you can take it out add tomatoes, sour cream and a little bit of salt for extra flavor. If you want to add more cheese go for it.

These bell pepper nachos are delicious and easy to make. They are my go-to for parties or quick snacks. I enjoy living in Florida and taking advantage of the yummy veggies in season. Do you have any go-to recipes with delicious Fresh From Florida veggies and fruits?

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