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If there is one thing many homeowners get extremely nervous about when it comes to improving their home it’s dealing with electricity. Not only do these big or small project boost your complexity and even anxiety but it also can be a danger for both you and your home if you’re not sure how to do it properly. Get your phones out and read these tips!  When it comes to electricity, changing a light bulb can make you nervous but testing an outlet may seem beyond negotiating or forgetting about your iron plugged in while the house is empty is unthinkable. If you don’t have to be this way if you have some basic knowledge and understanding of how home wiring works, and believe me, even beginners can attest to how simple this is and help make their homes a safe place for them and their loved ones.

Learning About Wiring – The key to any home improvement project that involves electricity is to really understand home wiring in itself. Luckily for you and a new beginner, it’s a very simple concept based on two wiring principles, two-wire with ground or three wire with ground. Remember these and you’re good to go. A two write with ground means that it’s used for a 110v connection and powers most consumer good. They usually a white wire or a black ‘hot’ wire as well as a green or copper ground wire which is a safety feature. Similar to that is a three-wire ground which requires a 220v and a three wire set up. Similar as I said to the two write with ground cables, a three wire has a white and a black wire as well as a green and copper white for safety. The only difference is that there is a second ‘hot’ wire or black wire.


Start Your Project – As a homeowner, it would be beneficial to have the simple understanding how the wiring works within your home and the types of wires that are found in a home to do it yourself with the projects you have planned. This also helps you reduce the potential dangers of electrical fires that can happen as well as any fixture updates you’re wanting ot do or aesthetic touches to future rooms in your home.

The first thing you want to do is when starting a project involving electricity is shutting off the power to the room. Sometimes it’s better not just to turn the power off in one particular rea but just to use the master circuit breaker usually located in your basement. If you have a voltage tester handy, make sure that the circuit is dead before you begin your work so you don’t get shocked.

You know that faulty lamp that keeps flickering in the dining room and you just need to replace it? It may not be just a quick new bulb but really the light switch in general. To replace the switch itself, you can follow these quick steps to help replace your electrical outlet. Again, make sure that the power is off and that you purchased the correct type of switch before starting the project which includes a simple pole switch. If you need to replace the fixture  you’ll want to remove the fixture from the ceiling or the wall. Detach the black white and ground wires. Attach the new mounting bracket per the instructions that accompany it. Then, you’ll connect the black and white ground wire to the appropriate partners. What does that mean? The black wires should be attached to the black, white to white and ground wires to the fixtures mounting hte bracket. This is usually done with wire nuts rather than screw that you find on switch and outlets so you’ll know what to look for. You’ll assemble the rest of the light and then turn on the power! Easy !

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This may seem a bit overwhelming still to try and so a project like yourself so never fear because you can always call an electric company to help you eliminate that anxiety. If you live in the Jacksonville Florida area you’ll want to call American Electric it’s run by Master Electrician Mike Murphy who established American Electric back n 1998 with one simple idea which is to provide a high quality contracting service with the best talent in the business. Back in the beginning, it was just Mike manning the phones with a home office but now he has a small team of dedicated and extremely knowledgeable team that is there to help you when you need them. They provide 24/7 care for any emergency that may come up and they are one of the top rated when it comes to project management and safety. You’ll feel good looking at their testimonies that speak for themselves or talk to them today about getting a free quote.

Now that you have some basic knowledge about electricity as well as a great company to help if you’re in a jam, you’ll know what to do and who to call! I can’t wait to hear what great projects you’ll get completed this summer.

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