A fresh staycation with Summer’s Eve® FreshCycle™

“This post is sponsored by Summer’s Eve, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.”

Hello, my Littlefinders! This post is for my ladies, but also for my guys that love to be informed about their ladies! I’m keeping it real on this post because I made a promise to recommend products to you that will help your everyday life and Summer’s Eve® FreshCycle™ products are no exception! Yes, all women get their period. (sure there are a few exceptions here and there) It’s natural, it’s part of life, and you want to do everything to make that time of the month the most comfortable. I discovered Summer’s Eve® FreshCycle™ products, and I decided to try them out and give you my review this month. First of all, they are available at my second home – aka Target, so that makes it super convenient. I purchased Summer’s Eve® FreshCycle™ products and my review = OBSESSED!

Let’s start with the 14-count Individually Wrapped Cleansing Cloths. These are perfect for keeping in your purse, in your car or in your drawer at work. Because they are individually wrapped, they are convenient to carry and will keep you feeling fresh all day, no matter where you go. I took some to the pool with me during our staycation, and I loved that I was able to put them in my shorts pocket, they are proven to reduce period odor, and they gently cleanse & freshen. I ended up going back to target and getting a second box to keep in my drawer at work.

I also purchased the 24-count Flushable Cleansing Cloth pack. I love the packaging because the container locks and you can assure they will stay moisturized. These are good to have at home in your bathroom. They cleanse and freshen while removing odor-causing bacteria and have been clinically Tested. Ladies you want to do your research when buying these type of products since they are used in sensitive areas.

Finally, I purchased the FreshCycle™ No Rinse Cleansing Foam – 5oz. This is great to use even when you DON’T have your period. It’s made with a patented odor reducing ingredient. Summer‘s Eve® FreshCycle™ No-Rinse Feminine Cleansing Foam is pH-balanced and free from dyes, and alcohol. Add a pump of s Summer‘s Eve® FreshCycle™ No-Rinse Feminine Cleansing Foam to a few sheets of folded toilet paper and wipe front to back – no need to rinse! FreshCycle™ No Rinse Cleansing Foam is also great to keep in your bathroom, but also at work or when you carry a bigger purse.

If you are like me, trying new products often is your thing. I encourage you to try the Summer’s Eve® FreshCycle™ Products during your next visit to your local Target store! Of course, there’s an excellent Cartwheel Offer you don’t want to miss out on!

The FreshCycle™ products will help you always to feel your freshest, and I can’t wait to hear your feedback! Until next time my LittleFinders!

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