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How I got on TMZ Live

Hello, my Littlefinders! It sure has been a while since my last post, but I can’t tell you how good it feels to be back. I had forgotten how much joy this blog brings me. I will spare you the details from the past ten months, but needless to say, I am back and ready to keep sharing content with you all!


I know right now we are all going through hard times, but I hope my posts can bring you some happiness and a little break from this craziness. With that said, about a month ago, I got to be a commentator on TMZ. It was short and sweet but such a fun experience. I am scheduled to be back next week, and I have received tons of questions asking me how I originally go on, so here is the tea.



Back in February, I went to LA to celebrate my bachelorette party. There are so many sightseen tours, but I just knew we had to do the TMZ one. I have done it in New York and two times in LA. It’s a combination of sightseeing, pop culture, and the TMZ show coming to life on a tour bus with TVs and a super fun tour guide.


During the tour, I was, of course, my hyper self, answering questions and even got to play a game where I won an awesome TMZ cup. At the end of the tour, they asked if you were interested to ever be on the show via Skype to fill out a form, and they might give you call you. I, of course, jumped on the chance of doing it and probably wrote “pick me, pick me” on the form.

I didn’t think anything of it, and two weeks later they called me asking me to be on the show. I’m not allowed to tell you the process of the day, but I can say the story you will talk about can change until the minute Harvey and Charles start talking to you. So you better be paying attention and know your pop culture. I had such a blast, and I guess I did a good job since they asked me to come back.

Here is the video of me on the show (You can watch me at minute 36 :)) and some behind the scene pictures I screensshotted while I waited my turn.



No, I did not get paid for this, but it is a YOLO moment. So moral of the story do what you want, take the risk, and have fun. I will keep you guys updated on the next episode.

Until Next Time Littlefinders.

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