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Eye Cream for the win!

This is a sponsored post paid by VIIcode. As always all opinions are 100 percent mine

Ok my #Littlefinders, New Year. New you. So cliché, but so true. It is time to get serious about skincare, especially those tiny areas we constantly forget about. Today I am talking about eye cream. About a month ago, I was looking at photos of myself with no makeup on and realized I had bags, minor wrinkles and dark circles under my eyes. I immediately started doing some research and came across VIIcode skin care. I read nothing but great reviews, which is why I am thrilled to be partnering with them.


They have a variety of products, but I really wanted to try their VIIcode oxygen eye cream. I have been using it for about three weeks now (including during my trip to Cuba) and the results are incredible. (You know a product is good when you get compliments on your skin from your family)

Let me start by saying the packaging is adorable. You get your cream in a little black pouch, which is perfect for traveling. It will also come with a crescent activation strip. You will use this for not only gently massage your eye area prior to applying the cream but also as an applicator. I used my cream in the morning and in the evening for better results. After the first week, I could already see the visible lines fading, as well as dark circles and bags, becoming less noticeable. Continue Reading

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Add Some Volume To That Hair Girl!

Do you ever spend an hour styling your hair and when you finished you are completely dissatisfied with the results. My main problem, is sometimes I feel I need more volume, but I don’t want to start all over. Luckily I found a hair tool that can help give your hair that extra “volume it needs! Meet Rootie, The Rootlifter by VOLOOM.

It is super easy to use, plug it in just like you do with your curling iron or hair straighten. Let it heat up and begin the process. Simply take 2 to 3 inches of hair and press The Rootie close to the root. Think of it like crimping your hair. Do it over and over until you complete all sections. you control the volume: Just a little lift or go for the glam.

I love that this works both when I have my hair curled or straighten and it’s the last step to do when styling your hair. Whether you have fine or thick hair this baby is for you. I have to say I was a bit hesitant at the beginning but I am quite impress with it, checkout this video on their site if you are still  not convinced.


You can purchase The Rootie here, and as always leave your questions below. Thank you VOLOOM for gifting me Rootie The Root Lifter.

Until Next Time Littlefinders!