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3 essentials for a super fun summer!

This post is sponsored by My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.
From my previous post, you guys know I LOVE My/Mo Mochi Ice cream. It’s so fun, flavorful and the perfect snack. Now that summer is here I am giving you three essentials you must have for the perfect summer!

A super fun bathing suit: DO NOT LET ANYTHING STOP YOU FROM GETTING A CUTE BATHING SUIT. There are so many options these days. Different sizes, price points, styles etc. Buy one that makes you feel super confident and get yourself to the beach or pool.


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How to have a successful closet sale #makeitreign

This post is sponsored by USA Network but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Hello, my Littlefinders! I’ve gotten a lot of questions about how I keep my wardrobe fresh without breaking the bank. My secret? I often have closet sales that allow me to get rid of things I no longer wear and be able to buy new ones. Call it my side hustle, my entrepreneur self or just me slaying it in the fashion department. Let’s #MakeItReign


Why I do it?

Clothes help me express myself. Every season I find inspiration from magazines, Pinterest, and even TV characters. This season I am obsessed with Teresa Mendoza’s style. She’s the main character from USA’s Queen Of The South and she’s goals! From her clothes to her strong attitude she’s a total #girlboss. I have been binging in season one and two on Netflix, in anticipation of season 3 premiering Thursday, June 21st. I noticed I didn’t have many clothes that help me bring out my inner Teresa, so it’s time for a closet sale!

How I do it?

Get out your notebooks because here’s everything you need to know how to be successful.

  • No attachments: Go through your closet and if you have not worn something in 3 months it’s time to say bye-bye. (keep in mind I don’t get rid of staple pieces or higher end items, but if you are ready for any of them to go, do it!)


  • Post on your social media that you are doing a closet sale and whoever is interested add them to a private group (creating a group on Facebook or Instagram is the best way to go so you don’t spam the people that are not interested)


  • Once everyone has answered you, it’s time to add them to the group and post photos of your items. I only post one photo and let people know they can get more photos upon request.


  • State the rules, whoever comments SOLD first gets the item. Must pay with Cashpp, Venmo or Paypal within 24 hours of purchasing the item. No returns. I usually do a flat rate shipping, but if people want to meet me somewhere near my house we can do that too.


  • Price things reasonably, my rule is 25% to 50% of what I paid for the item. During my last sale, I made over $300 on stuff that was just sitting in my closet!

Guess what? You now have money to spend on new clothes! Find your inspiration and let’s go shopping!


I can’t wait to see what Teresa Mendoza wears during season 3 of Queen of the South premiering Thursday, June 21st!  The season will then air each week on Thursdays at 9/8c! She has seized the throne of her own empire now, so I am sure her style is going to be to die for. In the meantime get your fix by Catching up on Season 1 and 2 of Queen of the South on Netflix!

Until Next Time LittleFinders!