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The best places to shop for discounted makeup and clothes in Orlando!

Happy Sunday my Littlefinders! Some of you are lucky enough to have a 3 day weekend, and that is the best time to shop! But be aware of sales that are not really worth your money, and focus on going to find some treasures outside the mall.

The past couple of weeks I have been going on a few mini shopping sprees. I know it seems like I am always shopping, but many of these items are usually collaborations or things that I pick up here and there. This time I actually made a list of things I needed and went for it. I really wanted to stretch my money, so I decided to hit stores like T.J.Maxx, Ross and other discounted stores, rather than hitting the mall. I cannot believe I had been staying away from these stores and paying full prices for such a long time. These are some of the goodies I bought!

Chambray Women’s Classics TOMS: (Marshalls) –These babies retail for $54 and I got them at Marshalls for $28! They had a ton of other colors and sizes, so hurry if you are looking for some comfy summer shoes.

Anastasia Beverly Hills makeup:(T.J. Maxx) – I have become obsessed with this brand, but let’s be real, it is a little expensive. T.j.Maxx is hooking you up with some great prices on the same items they have at Sephora!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipsticks: $6.99 vs $20.00

Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Sugar Kit: $20 vs $40

Kat Von D Shade and Light Contour Palette:(T.J, Maxx) – $24.99 vs $49.99

Rebeccaa Minkoff wallet(T.J. Maxx) – $19.99 vs $40.00

Work/Every day tops: (Ross) I hit up Ross and they had some of the biggest selection I’ve seen in a long time! I spent $120 on 15 tops!! (The one i am wearing in this photo was $6.99!) They also had simlar pants for $12.99!

These are just some of the things I scored, but there were seriously so many more things I wanted to buy. Whether you are coming to Orlando on vacation and want to shop, or you live here, these are some of the stores you must visit!


Marshalls: 501 N Orlando Ave, Winter Park, FL 32789

Marshalls Colonial Plaza: 2642 E Colonial Dr, Orlando, FL 32803

T.J.Maxx Waterford lakes: 1063 N Alafaya Trail, Orlando, FL 32828

Ross Waterford lakes: 373 N Alafaya Trail, Orlando, FL 32828

Target Millenia: 4750 Millenia Plaza Way, Orlando, FL 32839

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Until Next Time LittleFinders!






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The book that will change your life – The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

Hello my Littlefinders! I hope you are ready to take this week by the horns and make the best of it! To be completely transparent with you, I have always been a person who gets tons of anxiety on Sunday nights. I worry about every possible scenario that can happen in life, however, I  recently made a commitment to changing my way of thinking. I want to live life to the fullest with zero regrets. There’s a book I recently read that changed my life. “The four agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz. In this post, I’m going to break down the basics of this book, and hopefully, you will go and read it yourself. I have recemmended tons of things through my blog, but if anything, let this be the product you go purchase!

The idea of the four agreements comes from the ancient Toltec wisdom, and overall offers a powerful code of conduct that can transform every aspect of your life, it takes effort but if you follow these steps every day, your whole perspective on living life will change!


The Agreements:

“Be impeccable with your words” –  This ultimately means you attract what you speak. Focus on positive words. If you want to accomplish something say it out loud, and don’t give power to the negative thoughts or words. If you want that promotion don’t tell yourself “I’m never going to get it”, “I’m not smart enough”. This will only attract negative energy. Pretty much apply the saying “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”


“Don’t take anything personally” –  I know!  easier said than done. But really apply the “in one ear out the other” saying. The book goes a lot deeper into what this means. This agreement applies not only when people say something negative to you, but also something positive. The idea is to bring your confidence so high that other people’s opinions aren’t really important. I have been practicing this agreement the most, and I have seen a huge change in how things affect me. Give it a try.


“Don’t make assumptions” – Think about it, 90 percent of the scenarios we create in our minds probably have not happened nor will they happen. You know, that time when you thought your best friend was mad at you because she or he has not called in a week? Or maybe the time your boss looked upset and you thought you did something wrong?  STOP ASSUMING!  If something is REALLY bothering you, just ask! Most of the time “is not personal” and someone is probably not mad at you.


“Always do your best” – We hear this phrase from the time we are young, but the book really explains this phrase from a different perspective. This agreement ties all of the agreements together, to help you have your best life yet. The best way to put is “Always do your best within your capabilities” focus on the small wins. For example, if you had a tough day at work or an argument with someone, and you hit a cycling class after do the best you can, but know it’s ok to not be number one.  Actually is ok if you don’t even attend the class that day. Give yourself a break and tomorrow will be a better day!

This is just a little glimpse of what The Four Agreements covers. I highly recommend you read this book, it’s a quick read, but it will completely change your perspective on life. You can purchase it here. I would love to hear your thoughts about it

Until Next time Littlefinders!