How to start being happier today!

Sometimes life can get complicated. Work can be overwhelming, relationships are a lot of work, so Netflix and looking forward to the weekend (when it’s only Monday) are the only things giving you motivation to get up in the morning. One thing I learned recently, is that I don’t want life to just pass me by. I decided to come up with a few things that I thought would start making me happy right away. I want to share them with you my because after all my friends, life is short and it’s time to start being happy today!

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Paris Photo Albums- Palais Royal, The Louvre and some randomness.

Hi Littlefinders! I hope everyone is having a wonderful week. As you know I was in Paris a couple of months, and boy did I take a lot of photos. I want to share them all with you, so I will be doing a couple of β€œphoto albums” so I can share the goodness that Paris was.

For my first post, I will start with the Louvre.Β We had go visit Mona of course, which is such an amazing experience no matter what people say.Β  You also must take a photo by the pyramids at the entrance.

Then there’s the beautiful black and white installation at Palais Royal, very close to the Louvre. It is the coolest place to take photos, lots of tourists and locals relax there and just enjoy the afternoon.Β  Plus I got to wear my Victoria Beckham for target dress :). Enjoy all the photos and stay tuned for more” photo albums”

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