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My favorites from Younique Makeup!

So I have to say that since I hit my late twenties my skin has definitely changed. When I was in college, I was able to leave my makeup on all night (so terrible for your skin. Please do not do this.) But I was lucky enough to not have many consequences by my poor choices, however now that I am a bit older, I definitely notice when I don’t take care of it. This is why I love discovering new products that can take care of my skin, and make my life a lot easier.

I recently was introduced to Younique’s Detoxifying mask and I absolutely love it. I am all about products that are easy to use and do all the work for me. The bamboo charcoal in it helps absorbs minerals, toxins, and impurities while exfoliating all those dead cells. I LOVE how my skin feels after I use it. The best part it’s that is a super quick process. Simply apply the mask, leave it on for five minutes and wash your face. It is so worth it, and because I spend so much time outside I know I am giving my skin all that it needs to stay healthy. This is definitely my go to mask to keep my face healthy.

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All you need to know about The Makeup Show Orlando!

One of my favorite things about the spring season is the fact that The Makeup Show comes to Orlando. Last year was the first year I attended and O.M.G. If you are a makeup lover this is the holy grail. The event takes place at the Hyatt Regency Orlando on Saturday and Sunday, March 19th – 20th,  from 9AM to 5PM. Whether you are a makeup enthusiast or a professional, you won’t want to miss this. Get ready for a full day of AMAZING vendors, discounts, and inspiration.

                                photo provided by The Makeup Show

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