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Plaid, Vest and Moto Jackets!

Hi, Littlefinders! I hope you had a magnificent weekend. I had my 30th birthday party this past Saturday and it was a magical night. I promise I have a blog post coming up for you soon. In the meantime, I am loving all the fall fashion that’s happening. Even though it’s still pretty hot still here in Orlando, I am embracing the fall full force. A couple weeks ago I made a pit stop at one of my favorite stores New York and Company and totally Fell in love with these¬†plaid black and white pants. I immediately picture me wearing these to work with my black long vest which is such a staple to have this fall.

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Fall Office Outfit Ideas

As many of my littlefinders know, I work in the communications field, producing/directing television commercials. I love it, but I don’t love the clothes I have to wear when I’m on the field. This includes jeans, tennis shoes and a polo shirt. My worst nightmare! So, on days when I meet with clients or I get to stay in the office editing or writing scripts, I take full advantage of dressing up.

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