How to find the perfect desserts for your wedding

Hello, my Littlefinders! I hope life is treating you well. Our wedding date is quickly approaching (March 21st), and I don’t think I am the only one feeling like time is flying. Christmas will be here before you know it, and then wedding time! Because I’ve had a 20-month engagement, most essential things are ready for the big day, but a few weeks back we got to do one of our favorites to date. Dessert tasting!


I’ve always known I didn’t want a huge cake for my wedding. I know the cake is a tradition; however, My fiance and I don’t love cake, and after all, it’s our wedding, right? Instead, we are opting for a small cake and a dessert table from “Inspired by Eleonor”.

How to find the perfect vendor?

If you can’t trust your friends then who can you trust? I opted for using Facebook for recommendations on where to get our wedding desserts. We wanted to support a local business, and I received a ton of recommendations from my friends and narrowed it down from there.


Trust your heart.

I ended up with a lot of great recommendations, I browse through their websites and Instagrams, but in my heart, I knew what I wanted. Modern yet classy, and as soon as I saw Inspired by Eleonor’s page, I knew she was the one! (even though I had not even tasted the desserts) I had a budget I wanted to stay within and explain this to Rachel. She was extremely responsive, heard my ideas, and didn’t try to sell me something we ultimately did not want, or was outside our budget. Relying on websites like “The Knot” or “Wedding Wire” is excellent, but for me, it meant a lot more to have a cake vendor someone I knew in person, had used in the past. In fact, all of our vendors have personally been recommended to us. Continue Reading


From the Heart.

Hi Littlefinders! Here, writing you a quick post from the heart. As I sit here on my couch listening to my fiance vacuum and signing to “The Lion King” soundtrack (he is probably going to kill me for killing his street cred) I just felt the need to write and tell you to enjoy every day to the max. About a month ago, I had a car accident that changed my life. I was going at a thousand miles per hour. Not literally but in life. In my mind, I was never doing enough and always trying to do more. To blog more, to work more, to save more, to hang out more. I was never stopping to enjoy what I had accomplished. The hit from the car that rear-ended me, dragging me past an intersection stop my world. Everything slowed down, and as cliche, as it sounds, everything felt like it was going in slow-motion. God (the universe or whatever you want to believe in) gave me a sign to finally JUST STOP! It has been a pretty crappy month. Tons of medical things to deal with, pain and unexpected finds, but I know things happen how they are supposed to. Let’s stop thinking happiness, relaxation or calmness will come “tomorrow” after you finish that big project, go on vacation when the kids go back to school or whatever it is you tell yourself. There will always be something to do. Happiness is now. Today. At this moment.

(Posting these photos because I never want to forget this lesson)

Until Next time Littlefinders!